Silvestrum Climate Associates, LLC is a research consulting firm and a center of excellence with a passionate team of experts in diverse fields bringing together decades of experience to help address the challenges of climate change and the opportunities for nature-based solutions across the globe.

Silvestrum was founded in 2008 in Europe, and expanded to the United States and the San Francisco Bay Area as Silvestrum Climate Associates, LLC in 2016. The Core Team has a long history of collaboration that extends well beyond the tenure of the firm. Together, we address the challenges of climate change by nurturing sustainable development that is grounded in science, action oriented, and community driven. As innovators and long-time practitioners in climate adaptation, climate mitigation, climate change policy, engineering, and environmental science, we unite insights from successful projects and policies from across the world, combining cutting-edge research with decades of hands-on experience.


At Silvestrum Climate Associates, we continually refine our approaches in response to the evolving needs of our clients, both large and small, within public and private arenas, allowing us to provide tailored climate risk reduction, adaptation, and mitigation solutions that are as flexible as they are sustainable. Partnering with a global network of experts, our Core Team works comfortably with all levels of stakeholders — from political leaders to practitioners, from international aid organizations to investors, from Federal to local governments, as well as local stakeholders that strive to create positive change in their communities every day. 

Our clients span the globe.  We support local, national, and international governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and larger commercial firms across big and small projects focused on advancing climate mitigation, adaptation, restoration, resilience, and education.