Peat EU
Peat EU

Client: German Federal Environment Agency

Peatlands, Forests and the Climate Architecture: Setting Incentives
through Markets and Enhanced Accounting

Silvestrum has been the lead author in a multi-annual study project on the place of peatlands and forests in the European and international climate architecture. The study was commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency and was written jointly with Hans Joosten and John Couwenberg of DUENE e.V. (Greifswald, Germany).

In the study we explore policy options to map and integrate greenhouse gas sensitive interventions in peatlands and forests in the emerging climate change architecture both under the UN and at the EU level. The underlying purpose is to develop incentive formats for tapping into the vast emission reduction potential presented by peatlands and forests, and to feed the results into the on-going negotiations on the 2015 Agreement and its implementation in the years ahead.

As part of the study, we held an international workshop with government officials, experts and representatives of civil society on the sidelines of the June 2015 climate negotiations in Bonn.

The study as well as the workshop material can be downloaded here.

A poster can be downloaded here.