Clients: Permian Global and Wetlands International

Development of peatland procedures for VCS REDD+ methodology

Silvestrum has been the lead author of various modules of the Verified Carbon Standard REDD+ Modular Methodology (VM0007).

New modules provide accounting procedures for greenhouse gas reductions in the restoration and conservation of tropical peatland forests upgrading the original REDD methodology into a REDD+ methodology. Silvestrum and the team which developed the VM0033 Tidal wetlands restoration methodology are currently extending the functionality of VM0007 to include tidal wetlands restoration and conservation.

You can download the methodology at: http://www.v-c-s.org/methodologies/redd-methodology-framework-redd-mf-v15

Methodology development was led by Silvestrum, Wetlands International and Greifswald University, with financial support from Permian Global.